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“They are very forward looking and provide fresh thinking. They stand shoulder to shoulder with us through all aspects of our business. They have optimised our profitability and let us get on with managing the business in an informed manner.”
Colm O’Brien - Carambola Kidz

What we can do for you!


At Vision Plus Consulting we provide a full range of accounting and financial planning and control services for small and medium sized enterprises. Our clients tell us we bring them business control and focus and financial peace of mind. We deliver this in a low maintenance, painless and cost effective manner


We don't just come in and tell people what to do. Our model is to serve on the front lines, taking full responsibility for our efforts and sharing responsibility for the success of your business. 


We don’t just coach and advise – we roll up our sleeves and get it done. Enabling you to devote a greater proportion of your management time to your mainstream business and productive work. 


If you want to : 


- Secure your future 

- Secure the future of your business 


We should be talking. Contact us.  

Vision Plus Services:

Accounting Services

We provide a full range of accounting, tax and company law compliance services..     More>>



Business Planning

Generally we prepare an outline plan to begin with....     More>>



Performance Management

Business planning is only the beginning. It is pointless having a plan without continuous performance measurement and management........       More>>